Tree Magic title page
  • Tree Magic: Nature's Antennas
  • Edited by Jackie Hofer
  • SunShine Press Publications
  • 450 pages in color
  • 169 poems & stories
  • 115 photos & paintings

Tree Magic: Nature's Antennas

Tree Magic: Nature's Antennas is about one of our most vital natural resources: trees. Trees are one of the most often mentioned of nature's creations in both secular and religious writings and have been on earth for more than 250 million years. This unique presentation of 169 poems and stories is specially designed to give you an enjoyable reading and viewing experience. The 115 photographs and paintings of trees are stunning. Tree Magic has instant links from the Table of Titles and the Table of Authors to each of the poems, stories, photographs, paintings and biographies of the contributors.

You can always have it right there on your computer to open up and take a breather to read good poems and stories, and look at beautiful pictures. If you can't go to the trees or forest, they can come to you.

Trees are truly nature's magic antennas for a better, cleaner world. Viewing and reading Tree Magic will help you appreciate trees and want to protect them.

Save, plant and enjoy trees—without them we would not be here!

Praise for Tree Magic

Tree Magic opens a door into a fascinating world. For those of us who love trees and can hear their individual songs released by the passing of the winds, this is magic. You should certainly add Tree Magic to your collection.

Dr. Jane Goodall - Founder, the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace

The powerful images and moving words of Tree Magic provide inspiration to members of the conservation community who work daily to protect the health and diversity of our hardwood forests. This gift is a wonderful way to say thank you to champions of conservation or anyone who appreciates the beauty of nature. Jackie Hofer has put together a wonderful collection that every conservationist can return to for rejuvenation and motivation over and over again.

Gwen Griffith - Tennessee Forests Council

The best way to get grounded is to go camping in an Ancient Forest. The next best way is to curl up in front of Tree Magic and share the experiences of a wonderful collection of authors, photographers and artists who really love trees.

Denis Hayes - Chairman, Earth Day Network

If, like the old poet Joyce Kilmer, you "…think that you shall never see a poem lovely as a tree," then you'll love wandering through the enchanted forest of words and images in Tree Magic: Nature's Antennas.

An artistic labor of love by editor and publisher Jackie Hofer, this anthology ushers poetry and prose into a new place in the electronic world. Hofer has created an easy-to-use online anthology. Directions are easy to follow. Navigation is pure fun! Arranged alphabetically by the title and author of the work, Hofer's anthology presents the work of many award-winning, hard-working poets and writers.

The 115 photos and paintings provide an online gallery that enhances the reading experience—and, in some cases, provide a visual poem or meditation in and of themselves. It's a unique and new approach to poetry and short stories that combines the visual and the written word. Some really beautiful photos and artwork are included.

Kathleen Cain - author of Luna: Myth and Mystery, and The Cottonwood Tree: An American Champion, Johnson Books. Former Coordinator of Library Instruction, Front Range Community College (Colorado), retired.

What a towering gift to the world you have created in Tree Magic. I have been slowly reading through it, savoring it's beauty and wisdom in meditation size bites!

Everything from the words themselves, the poignant quotes and stunning illustrations, to the reader friendly ability to skip intelligently from author to work and so on, adds to the glory of the manuscript; a true joy for the eye, heart and mind.

Arlene G. Levine - Author of 39 Ways to Open Your Heart. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, an Off Broadway show, journals & anthologies.

Last weekend was special. I had the opportunity to review Tree Magic and loved every moment. Jackie Hofer has created a powerful testimony to trees. Through extraordinary poetry and prose, matched by the beauty of the photographs, Tree Magic pays special tribute to the majesty of trees and the power of imagination.

Bill Meadows - President, The Wilderness Society

Tree Magic: Nature's Antennas takes readers and listeners on a voyage of discovery and appreciation of trees and the natural world. Through its innovative format, Tree Magic opens up the world of trees to new audiences, as well as to old friends of SunShine Press Publications. Through evocative poems, stories, photos, artwork, and even music, Tree Magic brings to life the wonder and power of trees to move us, and to make life more meaningful for us all.

John Rosenow - President, National Arbor Day Foundation

Tree Magic is beyond marvelous down to the last detail.

Leslie Silton - author, artist and photographer.

The assorted poems, stories and essays offered here show how trees continue to whisper their way into our imaginations, as they have done for eons. And the photos are excellent. This inviting collection is a source of delight and inspiration!

Cristy West - Editor and Program Coordinator, Spirit of

Jackie Hofer's Tree Magic: Nature's Antennas is a deep and inspiring work of stories, poems, photographs, paintings and more on the beauty of trees which are so necessary for our survival and which create such beauty on our beloved Earth.

George Winston - composer, musician, solo pianist and Winner of 38th Annual Grammy Award.

Tree Magic

A Free anthology about trees to nuture the human spirit